Passive Income Freedom: 23 Passive Income Blueprints: Go Step-by-Step from Complete Beginner to $5,000-10,000/mo in the next 6 Months! (Influencer Fast Track® Series) Price: Rs.961.89 (as of 04/06/2020 01:59 PST- Details)

Passive Income Freedom! Is that really possible? And if so, do you need a lot of money or special skills? Can anyone achieve this? If you've ever wondered, then this book will provide you with answers and show you in 23 Step-by-Step Blueprints that – yes – Passive Income Freedom is definitely real and achievable for everyone: Including YOU! Even as a total beginner. What you will not find in this book is to get rich quick schemes or inflated promises.

Product Description – Passive Income Freedom

This book is not for lazy people or tricksters trying to beat the system. These are solid, proven passive income blueprints that do take work in the beginning and certainly have a learning curve. Like anything worth having.

But…If you are ready for freedom, Ready to get out of the rat race, and the drudgery of boring, unfulfilling jobs, Ready to get out from under that pile of debt and bills to pay, Ready to become the person you were meant to be with the freedom to pursue your passions and share some AWEsome with the world…Then…this book will be an amazing resource. Taking you by the hand and giving you: A Tour-de-Force Ride through the many – vastly different – realms of passive income entrepreneurship. So you know what's out there. You know what your passive income options are. And you can now decide which path to choose – with – a solid action plan in place so you can actually get there.

Don't worry, these are fun… 🙂 As always with SassyZenGirl books, great business info doesn't have to be dull and boring. You will smile, you will be excited – and – you will have sound passive income strategies in place once you finish this book! Are you ready? Then scroll up to the top and hit that BUY BUTTON…:)

KIRKUS Reviews:

“Gabrielle is marvelously adept at mining the depths of passive income and she writes with vitality and verve…Audacious ideas aplenty in this breezy financial guide.”


An easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide…broad in scope, thorough in its research, and clearly explains what works best and why. Its deep level of practical details will benefit anyone interested in drumming up secondary sources of income, and focuses on realistic and doable enterprises that involve little risk or start-up capital….”


“Gundi Gabrielle's Passive Income Freedom offers beginning entrepreneurs an overview of how to create passive income streams. The 23 blueprints for passive income…are extremely varied, from selling video stock footage to running a piano rental business to selling merchandise on Amazon. Each blueprint includes an overview of the business, its virtues, and a generic step-by-step guide for getting started.”


Thorough, step-by-step plans–readers can't help but feel inspired!
With names like “The Slot Machine Approach” and “The Ninja Advantage”, Gabrielle's strategies are fun to read and easy to apply…. offers business ideas for every personality type.


“Skip the MBA and read Gundi's books instead! She goes well beyond the typical advice…and also assesses the relative risk and experience level to start each one.” – Michelle LaRue
“Holy buckets, this book has so many golden nuggets of information, your only dilemma will be which idea to run with first! Within 24 hours of reading “Passive Income Freedom “, I was already ranking on the first page of google in my niche market!”– Denise Willinger
“After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, it became obvious that I needed additional income sources in order to achieve my goal of being financially free. This book is definitely going to help me get there.” – Michelle F

“Love the fact that for each income idea or opportunity, she presents detailed actionable steps we can follow. There are also ideas applicable for people of different backgrounds.” – Johann Tagle

I've studied professional development, sales and marketing for over 30 years and Gundi is by far among the best at shining the light on the path to successful implementation. Now, I'm logging off so I can go make some passive income streams start flowing! Pick this up and refer back often!” – Michelle Y Talbert

” Unlike many other passive income books, Gabrielle did not try to sell this as an “easy” process which I was thankful for. Too many people read these types of books and think, “If I just start writing a weekly blog I'm going to crush it!” – J. Bennett

“This book is extremely informative and encouraging. My husband and I have a goal of having multiple streams of income in the new year and this book gave us LOTS of ideas and lots to think about! Great read!” – Crystal Addis

“This book is full of not only actionable advice but passive income streams of which I was previously unaware…and I've read A LOT of passive income “how-to” books!” – MCole

“What I love about Gundi Gabrielle's books is that she likes to think outside the box. She takes an obvious thing, like passive income, and expands the idea so it's not just a certain group that can take advantage. And from those ideas, she breaks it down into steps that spell everything out. It's easy to tell from what she's said if it's for you, or if you need to find something else.” – Beks

Who knew it's possible to make good money with 50 second videos using a HD camera and everyday scenes. Ever heard of Google billboards or Rank and Rent? Neither had I. Buy and read this book it's a wonderland of opportunity. Some of the blueprints didn't fit my skill-set but that's okay because I found the blue print that works me. I hope you find yours. P.S. I'm on the edge of retirement and am setting myself up to earn income from home.” – Garrygee

“Whoa! Gundi has certainly outdone herself this time around with this book chock-full of both local and remote/ location-independent business ideas that produce passive income for just about everyone and detailed steps to make them happen. I'm already pretty familiar with drop shipping since a friend suggested it to me, but there are many new or previously unheard-of business ideas such as stock video footage and arbitrage. I've never thought of local arbitrage businesses including piano rental, which I might still try it if I hadn't quit teaching piano. Thanks to this book, I'm swimming in tons of ideas to experiment with. I'm tempted to try drop shipping, selling T-shirts, freelance service arbitrage, and of course, selling books and courses.” – N-L-M







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